I will call you Iviehbor
Precious stone
I will place a value so high
Even spirits will shudder

Your name will be Iviehbor
When the rain stops
And the wind passes
And the sun dries all the waters away
The minners will dig and find you
By all the grime that life has to offer

Your name is Iviehbor
When the heat has melted your “reserve”
And transformed your soul
With the renewing of your mind
Like the rebirth of an amateur
You will sparkle
And rise uncathered
Like a phoenix after the flames

A crown of daises on your head
A day of summer
A vision of large brown eyes
A little body skipping on the beach
My little Iviehbor
Precious gem
Precious and undefiled



Published by: thestorytellerandthepoet

Females. DEEJAH (E.I.B) - Writer (the poet) and Law graduate . Contact: Instagram-> @deedidit_ *Twitter-> @inksonpapers *Email-> inksonpapers@gmail.com --> Zah (x). Writer (the story teller). Medical student. Instagram @_madebyzah Twitter: @zahzeeee *Email ekpa.ekpe@gmail.com

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